jfor, Feb 23, 9:04am
How can I get rid of this once and for all? have uninstalled it, removed it from desktop, and it still turns up asking for money !

black-heart, Feb 23, 9:09am

suicidemonkey, Feb 23, 9:33am
Yeah try running an anti-malware program like above.

FYI, never download "driver update" programs to do the job that your operating system does by itself. Most of them are dodgy.

mrfxit, Feb 23, 9:53am
The only 1 I use from time to time is "Driver Magician" (paid version)
Works well in most cases & what it can't find in updates, will at least give you a name to search for

r.g.nixon, Feb 23, 10:03am
I've used Slimdrivers on two computers - worked well for me.

skin1235, Feb 23, 10:11am
how did you un-install it
you may have to re-install it then use revo to get rid of it, it will search out all the hooks and pull
unless you feel confident enough to go regedit and rip out all references - not a job for most

skin1235, Feb 23, 10:13am
this is supposed to be even better than malwarebytes

black-heart, Jul 11, 3:02pm
Easiest solution would be to do a system restore, to a point before installing the crap. That way no registry issue either.

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