Play store

getting this on my phone when i try to go there
unfortunatly google play store has stopped

geek_blans, Aug 16, 9:06 pm

what phone ? my old one cant get on google play i have android 2.1 that has had android market never managed to get it on google play store.
look in system settings what android you got.

geek_intrade, Aug 16, 10:06 pm

its a samsung s4 its 4.4.2 version. my old s3 had no problems

geek_blans, Aug 16, 10:27 pm

Try this.
Make sure you choose "wipe cache partition", and not "wipe data/factory reset".

geek_rz_zone, Aug 16, 10:38 pm

thats new enough try google for problems and fixes i would use this search therms
android 4.4.2 google play problems?

geek_intrade, Aug 16, 10:38 pm

just did a google search,looks like its a common problem but no answers.

geek_blans, Aug 16, 10:39 pm

Its not an import from China is it. A lot of unscrupulous sellers install it to sell to the west saying it has it and you can see it pictured on the sites but it doesn't work as Google is i think banned there.

geek_wayne416, Aug 16, 11:47 pm

Never encountered the problem myself but a factory reset will most likely fix it.

geek_suicidemonkey, Feb 13, 9:20 am

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