Is this the best link to download it on a notebook thanks?

geek_mme, Jun 28, 2:59 pm

You might prefer the British English version:

geek_rua69, Jun 28, 4:32 pm

Thanks I would.

My Vista IE quit today & I only had Google Chrome which I hate
Also it seems to come with malware specifically PngToPPTConvert adverts

Googled an Adware cleaner & ran it but it hasn't worked.

A link to get rid of that junk would much appreciated too

geek_mme, Jun 28, 5:20 pm

adwCleaner is the one you want.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 28, 5:21 pm

Running with Firefox which doesn't seem affected/ infected by the malware.

Googlechrome still has it though. A friend who occassionaly uses my notebook use it so if could post a link for the best one thanks I ll run it.

I used the ToolLib one but it didn't knock it out.

geek_mme, Jun 28, 6:49 pm

to stop your friend from using chrome uninstall it

geek_newbie5, Jun 30, 4:03 pm

Good idea this. :

"Chrome update turns browsers into covert listening tools"

geek_zak410, Jul 8, 4:00 am

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