Longstanding problem with iPad and pdf attachments

I have tried several times but have given up on fixing this issue. Have googled and found others who had the problem but no resolution given.
Have had problem for over a year. I click on the pdf attachment and up comes the option to open in iBooks or open other. However clicking these does nothing and I just have a blank grey screen. Occasionally I have been able to open them. Could it be something is full up? Or any other ideas?

geek_wendalls, Aug 7, 11:25 am

Is the document saved in iBooks?
That is, can you see it?

geek_nzdoug, Aug 7, 12:04 pm

Have you installed iBooks? From memory there was an option to not install in when you first set up an iPad.

geek_pico42, Aug 7, 7:50 pm

There is a button in the centre top of iBooks where you can select to view either Books, PDF, All etc. if you click on PDF can you see your file?

geek_mcdaff, Aug 7, 8:36 pm

open in acrobat reader. if you don't have it, install it then it will be an option

geek_brycer, Aug 7, 8:52 pm

iBooks is installed and no it's not visible in there.i clicked pdf and it's not there. I updated my acrobat reader but no that didn't help.it doesn't show.

geek_wendalls, Aug 7, 9:20 pm

I just did a test run to open the pdf iPad user manual from Apple. I didn't have to click anything it just opened automatically. It has been suggested that the file must be corrupt then. This means every newsletter I get via email from my kids school is corrupt. How do I get them to do it differently!? And does it mean all iPad users have the same problem? It opens fine on my android device. I guess I should try it on another Apple device.

geek_wendalls, Aug 7, 9:29 pm

I have no problems with opening PDFs on iPad or iphone

geek_camerong1, Aug 8, 5:26 am

Same here, on ipad.

geek_rz_zone, Aug 8, 11:21 am

Yes I assume most people have no problem. There is some combination of factors which gives me the problem. Wish I knew what it was. I need to ask other ipad users who get the particular newsletter that I have the problem with. It could be something simple like re installing iBooks. I don't even know how to do that. Had a quick look and couldn't figure it.

geek_wendalls, Mar 11, 10:54 pm

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