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I have 2 computers, one running the dreading Vista and a new lappy with Win 8.1.
Running the Chrome browsers and Add block and Add block Plus, but still gettings add's.

Didn't used but started a few days back.
Tried running on Add blocker at a time but still there.

geek_ianalice1, Jun 3, 11:43 am

geek_wayne416, Jun 3, 11:46 am

If you click on the little triangle by the adblock plus logo rh top you should be able to update the filters and add more filters if you know what you are doing, that can help.

geek_ridiculousness, Jun 3, 5:43 pm

go to filter preferences then 'actions', there you should be able to update the filters

geek_ridiculousness, Sep 21, 10:14 pm

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