Fyx ISP - monthly charge rising from $30 to $50

Ouch! Time to have a think about my options.

geek_waipawa, Feb 5, 5:34 am

Yes, a little more than the $15 they thought, but that extra is offset by the reduction to 23c/gig data. If you were naked before, you're really winning now that that's been reduced to $49.95 as well as the new cheaper data cost.

ISPs are not going to suck down the extra costs now being handed to them by the bullshit changes.

geek_morticia, Feb 5, 5:46 am

I'm in the same boat. Bullshit changes is right. I was quite happy with Fyx.

geek_utwo, Feb 5, 8:10 am

Yep, this is about the same level of increase I have been advised of with WXC. I still don't see that the Commerce Commission ruling equates to an increase of this magnitude, though. 58% increase! I have asked WXC to give me a breakdown of their increased costs, which as a customer of many years I think I am entitled to. No answer so far.

geek_rpvr, Feb 6, 7:18 pm

I thought it was supposed to be something like $4!

geek_waipawa, Feb 8, 1:03 am

NOW aren't increasing prices. Check them - nownz.co.nz

Use Promo Code "NOWJP" if you decide to signup, for a $50 account credit.

geek_mustang23, Feb 8, 6:58 am

Flip have just put their prices up a bit - I don't begrudge them that as the rises are driven by the gummint mandated charges that are allowed to charged for copper lines which were paid for decades ago by our predecessors taxes. The logic that the copper needs to pay for the rollout of fibre makes as much sense to me as increasing the price of cars to pay for private jets.

geek_moby, Feb 8, 11:49 pm

Exactly. Where I live we have copper installed pre 1960s, with frequent faults and no capacity if someone wants an additional line. To have to pay more for broadband at this point is an insult. I asked a Chorus tech working in the area the other day when we are likely to get the fibre rollout, and he said "probably never!"

geek_rpvr, Feb 10, 11:30 pm

Doesn't seem that cheap to me. Nobody seems to be ctaering for those who only want a small allocation of broadband and want to keep their phone line without moving to VOIP.

geek_rpvr, Feb 10, 11:34 pm

Sorry I didn't realise you were looking for 'cheap'.
NOW's difference is with answering the phone within 5 minutes and speaking to a Kiwi.

geek_mustang23, Feb 13, 4:54 am

Yes, Flip does

geek_lilyfield, Aug 16, 10:16 am