Norton 360 spam tool bar

footplate1, Nov 28, 10:39pm
The "This is spam" button has become inactive. The other two are OK. I have looked all over Norton and can't see where I can fix this.

any ideas, please?

king1, Nov 28, 10:51pm
you have selected a message first

footplate1, Nov 29, 1:21am
Agree, but it doesn't activate.

chnman, Nov 29, 10:26am
If I remember correctly, you can right-click on the Norton icon on taskbar and choose "get support" where you can text chat to Norton. I used to find sometimes with Firefox, the add-ons from Norton would take a few days to work due to Firefox's rapid updates. Another thing to check, I think by right-clicking the taskbar icon, is that you have the latest version of the Norton product. Sorry I am a bit vague as I don't use Norton anymore.

footplate1, Nov 29, 7:06pm
I went back to Norton and am very happy with it. I actually started to ask Support last night - but on another device. Which would have been pointless, had they needed to go into my system.

Norton settings simply confirm I have the spam buttons turned on and there is no mention of one of them being inactive.

Will deal to it next time I am on my aging desktop.

Thank you

footplate1, Nov 30, 5:40am
Readers may be interested to know that, after three hours with Norton, including two reinstalls, the fault still occurs.

Norton didn't say but I now suspect a sick MS Outlook.

I wish I could blame Windows 10 but, in truth, I don't know.

terry012, Nov 30, 7:19am
Use the "Norton removal tool" and completely remove Norton, Reboot a couple of times to make sure its gone, and then reinstall if you wish to continue using Norton

footplate1, Nov 30, 6:56pm
That's what the Norton help desk did in its three hours of direct control of my desktop. The fault still exists.


terry012, Nov 30, 9:57pm
Download a fresh copy of your browser to desktop,,uninstall your browser then reinstall from fresh version.

footplate1, Dec 1, 10:41pm
I can do but the fault is in Outlook, not the browser - where the Norton tool is OK.


king1, Dec 2, 3:43am
have you tried a repair of outlook/office

footplate1, Dec 2, 10:19pm
I don't think I know how to do this. I'm a bit nervous of, for example, uninstalling Outlook and reinstalling. Have a stack of data in it.

Oddly, the button became momentarily active, yesterday.

king1, Dec 2, 10:45pm

have a look in control panel / mail / data files identify where your pst files are located (either my docs or in the appdata folder) and take a copy of each of them

chnman, Dec 3, 7:21pm
Not sure what version of Outlook you have, and if your Norton product is up to date (right-click Norton on taskbar and check if latest version), but the following might help. 4 pages of discussion but there is an update that might fix if you read the 4th page. Or join the forum and post.

footplate1, Apr 26, 11:21pm
Norton ensured my 360 was up to date, when we had the marathon session.

I am operating Outlook 2007. Same as on my laptop - which is working perfectly. .Will look at chnman's suggestion when I am back home.

I guess I am postponing the decision on when I replace the desktop and the Office software.

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