Chrome Cast and tvnz ondemand

savlon123, May 17, 10:52am
I am hoping someone can help here please

I just brought a chromecast andhave it all working vrom my samsung tablet but I cant seem to cast tvnz on demand. Tried downloading chrome browser but when itry playing a program it just says

This player not enabled for html

Any suggestions please

mikep, May 17, 12:19pm
I think you might be out of luck. If your tablet doesn't have Android 4.4 or greater it won't support Chromecast screen casting, and the (Samsung only) TVNZ app doesn't have a Chromecast option. I just tried on my Galaxy Note 10.1 which is still suck on Jellybean and no upgrade in sight. By selling out to Samsung, TVNZ have effectively lost a chunk of their market.

The only solution I've found is to cast via Chrome via a PC.

hamster2, May 17, 8:11pm
tvnz does not allow HDMI out, having the same problem using miracast, so the the problem is not you, but them

ryanm2, May 17, 8:48pm
Or Samsung, also having rights to Ligthbox have effectively just gained a chunk of the market. If I was to buy a Smart TV for myself I would only consider a Samsung due to the ease of having the apps built in, and the TVs are no more expensive than similar brands.

pestri, Nov 13, 4:17pm
you could try a Samsung blu ray player which gives any TV Samsung smart apps.

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