Grrrr Orcon business section is closed

jimijimijimi, Apr 3, 11:29pm
and cant access our website for emails. We send them to xtra email. and that one is saying 'over quota' what does that mean.

r.g.nixon, Apr 3, 11:55pm
What does googling 'email over quota' say?

d.snell, Apr 3, 11:55pm
means you've exceeded your mailbox quota, caused by not deleting old emails from your email server and clearing some space every now an then.

skull, Apr 4, 12:52am
Got to be a pretty poor operation if Orcon needs to have their own email account hosted by xtra. Why would they not host it themselves, maybe they think xtra will be more reliable?

mattnzw, Apr 4, 4:53am
They don't provide an SMTP server for sending emails, which is very poor.

eljayv, Mar 24, 8:59am
I have same prob but get message that password or user name incorrect in the end I requested change password but had to do it by sms . then the password they sent doesn't work either! Puzzling

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