A simple question but I dont know

delmic, Mar 23, 6:10am
we have wi fi for our tablet off our desk top. goes fine.
We now have a laptop and I dont know if I need a receiver to use it on wi fi in the house, or say McDonalds . Does an Acer es1-512-p8na 15.6 15.6 inch laptop have a built in receiver, or do I need to buy one for a USB port to operate off our wi fi. thanks

gyrogearloose, Mar 23, 6:14am
What does it say in the instruction manual?

vtecintegra, Mar 23, 6:26am
Yes it will have built in WiFi - any laptop less than a decade old will

delmic, Mar 23, 7:03am
thanks for that. now I know too. I havent opened the box yet. wanted to have all required bits so my son could help me set it up with out laughing at me cheers

sqidlie, Mar 23, 10:09am
Yes, but can WE have a little giggle :-)

lythande1, Mar 23, 6:24pm
1) RTFM.

skin1235, Mar 23, 7:59pm
just google Acer es1-512=p8na and check the specs sheet


has wireless and bluetooth built in

mrfxit, Mar 24, 2:27am
Sorry, can't help it. .

LMAO . McDonalds & Wifi = tui

delmic, Mar 24, 3:49am
seniors get free coffee. do we get a tui at McDonalds too now?

skin1235, Apr 24, 4:30am
don't laugh too loud dave, the wanga maccas has a hotspot for its customers who cannot bear to be out of touch with the entrie globe for the 5 minutes it takes to buy another kg of portable hip

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