Attaching a file to email.

I have some files I want to email, multiple pages in each.
5 files in total.
Ranging from 2 pages to 5 pages.
How do I attach the 5 to the email?
Each time I try it converts to the single pages.

geek_smallwoods, Jun 11, 12:23 am

More info needed.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 11, 8:01 am

Like what?
Have about 100 pages to send to my lawyer , in 5 files.
One file is at least 50 pages, the smallest is 2.
Each time I try to attach them, it reverts to single pages.
Don't really want to send them as separate pages.
All are in text, no photos.

geek_smallwoods, Jun 11, 8:28 am

zip them and then attach the zip file, or upload them to say dropbox and send them a download link

geek_nice_lady, Jun 11, 8:33 am

The missing info was:
- the name of your email program
- the file types you were attaching
- how you determined that it was 'converting' to single pages

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 11, 8:58 am

at a guess
100 pages = 100 files (jpg maybe)
5 files = 5 folders

and you are trying to attach the folder (which cant be done).

So either do as the nice_lady suggests (you are still essentially sending as separate pages, albeit zipped up)

Or rescan them into a multipage PDF format.

Or maybe i'm way off the mark.

geek_king1, Jun 11, 4:36 pm

Documents sent to your lawyer (or pretty much anyone) should be sent as a pdf or doc/x. That's about it.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 11, 5:00 pm

Thanks all, not far off king1.
Have sent through as the 5 files by going to "send to - mail recipient - attach file"
Not email, then attaching.
Was in jpg.

geek_smallwoods, Jun 11, 6:57 pm

jpg is photos, they maybe photos of text but they are still photos, unless you contain all those photos into one file they will have to be sent as individuals

zip will do this
if you do not have the capability to zip them ( no winzip or other archiving program)
you maybe able to create a document in Word or some other word processor, and paste them into that doc, when finished save the file as a doc file, then attach the doc file, or pdf file whichever the program you created the doc uses as default save format

geek_skin1235, Jun 11, 9:10 pm

100 jpg pictures, zipped or inserted into a Word document, is likely going to result in a file size that's going to be too big to attach to an email.

I'd be more likely to copy 100 pages at Warehouse Stationary and then courier them. If it was 10 pages I might bite the bullet and scan them, and the method I use is Photoshop->Import->Twain-
and then save each page as a PDF with JPG compression = 2 (really low quality) then combine the pages into 1 PDF using Adobe Acrobat

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 12, 7:24 am


all modern version of windows have 'send to/compressed (zipped) folder' built in all you have to do is RIGHT click the folder where the files are and you'll get a menu one of the items is 'send to'.

geek_nice_lady, Jun 12, 7:39 am

perry, shouldn't all your posting be prefaced with "hubby says" ?

geek_ross1970, Aug 27, 3:18 pm

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