Graphics cards crashing laptop

shannonjamie, Apr 30, 8:48am
Just got the computer today and since i tried to update driver it keeps crashing. It was lagging and grabbing during game play hence thinking it needed updated maybe. It can't be updated for some reason but comp still keeps crashing. Im going in on safe mode now so do i disable one of the graphics drivers?

suicidemonkey, Apr 30, 9:18am
Got it today? Take it back

shannonjamie, Apr 30, 10:32am
I disabled the HD graphics and am just using the radeon and it has stopped crashing

cliffmate, Apr 30, 6:23pm
Had the same problem but in my desktop. Took it back and got it replaced. All sorted.

lythande1, Apr 30, 6:56pm
They don't have graphics cards - they have onboard graphics.
Most likely lagging because it's performance isn't up to it. then you changed the driver - change it back.

vtecintegra, Apr 30, 7:58pm
A lot of laptops have both integrated graphics (in the CPU itself) and a dedicated graphics chip

shannonjamie, Apr 30, 9:09pm
It's a 2.5cpu 8g ram entry level radeon alongside normal graphics card so it should have been ok. Upon investigation everything needs updated. The base programs and hardware software for recognition were there by the looks but nothing had been brought up to speed.

Hopefully once i have been through the windows update process (If that ever finishes,started last night and still going strong at 120 updates a time) Then i will take a more serious approach to the original hardware with possible replacement. See how we go.

Thanks for the replies

schizoid, Dec 27, 3:08pm
During gameplay? So you were using the integrated instead of the Radeon? Were you plugged in charging or on battery power?

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