Possible fake Samsung phones being sold

My brother bought a Samsung S5 from, who I thought was a reputable NZ website, and it turns out it is probably fake. (not trademe) He contacted Samsung and they believe it is fake as serial numbers don't exist and the set up in it is different, also feels and looks slightly different but they didn't really seem bothered by it, the site he purchased it from not really interested either but have asked him to return it. I have found out that the website he purchased it from has been caught before selling fakes! I wont drop names as he hasn't heard back from them, but if it turns out it definitely is then who would he contact? I worry about all those people out there paying good money for fakes. I have purchased plenty from these guys before but no more!

geek_desmodean, Jul 4, 10:05 am

well whats the point of the post if you're not going to say who sold it?

geek_ross1970, Jul 4, 10:08 am

The post isn't about dropping names, just wanted advice as to who to contact if it is fake, And I will of course making sure they are found out if it turns out true.

geek_desmodean, Jul 4, 10:15 am

You say the site has already been caught selling fakes? Then you say you're worried about all those other people out there paying good money for fakes. But then you say "its not about dropping names"? wtf

geek_ross1970, Jul 4, 10:26 am

Ross you obviously on here just to bully people and to be nosey. Just pays to get 100% proof before dropping names.

geek_desmodean, Jul 4, 10:35 am

Well you obviously have 100% proof don't you, that they've sold fakes - because you're the one that has just said they have been caught selling fakes already. So the site was . ?

geek_ross1970, Jun 25, 3:29 pm

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