Driving me crazy.help please.

Could any one help please. This message is popping up when I turn on my computer or what to go into google or another screen. How do I get rid of it please?
windows cannot find 'c:/PROGRAM2\IBOXA_2|barll-
It is difficult to remove from the screen an needs several attempts.
Many thanks.

geek_babe56, Apr 18, 2:17 am

appintegrator is an adware type of thing. Your AV has obviously cleaned up the file but not the startup entry.

Probably prudent to run a proper scan and clean with this.

geek_king1, Apr 18, 4:15 am

Many thanks King1 .That has fixed it. I really appreciate your help.

geek_babe56, Feb 8, 4:21 am

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