D link router blue light flashing

pearlypearl, May 17, 11:04pm
have a dsl 2730b router blue light flashes and stays on sometimes,
have read its about wps set up , need to know what is the best setup is . pbc push button config or pin personal id number. have had the router couple of years and it is only statrted doing this lately. thanks

king1, May 17, 11:14pm
leave it, it will only flash for a few minutes then stop. unless maybe the wps button is jammed on

pearlypearl, May 17, 11:24pm
it stays on untill i turn the router off and back on again, not sure how it could be jammed on. having it flash ,is it a security problem at all?

king1, May 18, 3:29am
basically wps is a function where you can push a button the modem which temporarily allows new devices to connect for the first time.
By design, and for security reasons, this is only allowed to happen for a brief period (i was under impression 2 minutes). The WPS light always indicates this function has been triggered.

Yes it is a security problem, as anyone in the immediate vicinity can connect without needing credentials

When you restart modem how long before the wps light starts flashing again?

pearlypearl, Nov 12, 4:29am
its not an often thing to happen but now and again it does , like its not happened for a couple of months at least. and it stays on .so i just turn it off and restart it again.

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