Shadow on lower centre of TV screen

eljayv, Jun 23, 4:42am
Anyone know what will remove this please.

mariner26, Jun 23, 4:54am
What make and model TV?
When purchased?
Seems to be a fault, not to be "fixed" by tinkering with screen controls (colour, brightness etc).
If still under warranty or not too far out of warranty then you are entitled to have the matter repaired at no cost. You have protection under Consumers Guarantee Act.
Go back to retailer. Or take it to a service centre for the make of TV and get advice.

galex, Jun 23, 5:57am
If it is an older flat screen TV - or one with a high number of hours in use, it could be dust build up, heat from the screen causes a convection effect that pulls in air and dust that can get trapped between the inside front of the screen and the LCD or plasma panel. Sometimes you can get 3 or 4 vetical dark areas as a result of this, just depends on the vent arrangements on the TV. If this is what has happened on your TV you need a pro to clean it

marte, Jun 23, 7:35am
Look up the model/brand and google it.
For all we here know, you are talking about a black and white crt tv.

IF its a flatscreen. A 'shadow' could be caused by a bad mylar connection to the screen.
I have one thats doing that now, if I squeeze the top of the tv it sorta helps.
Because its caused by a bad connection, as the screen warms up the shadow/picture repeat changes.

Find '' search your model number.

eljayv, Jun 23, 7:39am
This sounds more like it. Found some suggestions on google and you tube that look worth a try.

eljayv, Jul 28, 10:02pm
YouTube. Using a wiping motion to straighten out a warped layer? Sounds odd but I do see an improvement.

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