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natureguide, Apr 23, 6:38am
Evening all, I need to create a website for myself and my business. Is anyone able to direct me to a reasonably easy one to set up, by myself, please?

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 6:47am
Wix, Weebly, Square Space are a few good services to try.

natureguide, Apr 23, 6:51am
thanks, sm, Wix looked easy enough but I got a bit lost in the process. Haven't heard of Square Space so will take a look at that.

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 6:58am
I personally use Wix and find it easier than the other two because you can drag and drop content.

beserkerang, Apr 23, 6:59am
+100000 for squarespace

natureguide, Apr 23, 7:45am
I've ended up on Weebly, listened partially to the tutorial, looks fairly manageable even for an old man like me. Cheers everyone! (Square Space wouldn't open in my browser, for some maddening reason).

suicidemonkey, Apr 23, 7:49am
Make sure you're using an up to date browser. Chrome or firefox are recommended. Internet Explorer is not.

brycer, Apr 23, 7:59am
But its not free like the others.
Wordpress is pretty easy and free.

newbie5, Apr 24, 3:32am
I use Kompozer which is free and also drag and drop or Wordpress.
both are easy to use and "Newbie friendly"

suicidemonkey, Apr 24, 4:08am
I should have mentioned, beware of the "free" ones though. Wix and Weebly have free plans but they will put ads on your site. Very unprofessional for a business.

Wix is less than $10 a month for the premium package. not a huge sum.

mattnzw, Apr 24, 11:11am
You don't own the website with these website builders, and they can be very restrictive. For example if you want to move the website elsewhere, you essentially have to rebuild it again.

newbie5, Apr 26, 3:31am
not if you use Kompozer

paora-tm, Jan 13, 9:58am
I have tried to browse Wix websites in the past. The worst shopping site experiences I have ever had! Take a look at Shopify.

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