Using another router as an access point

I am having issues with wifi connecting from one end of the house to the other. It has been suggest that I hook up another modem as an access point. I have googled how to do it but I am not computer savy so would probably need to get a tech out. My question is how long would it take? cheers

geek_ova50, Aug 3, 11:27 am

Time is taken running cat5e/6 cable to the location, are you considering concealed structured cabling? Note: data cablers aren't computer techs.

Configuring the router, i.e., assigned IP address on same subnet as other router, turning off DHCP server etc. takes only a few seconds obviously.

geek_spyware, Aug 3, 12:08 pm

If you are simply talking about using an old router as an extender then you should know that most toy routers, as in an old ISP supplied one, have no such ability.

Or were you considering buying an extender.

The best way to do things is to not use an extender, but data cable and put an access point on the end. If you buy an access point its is basically no more complicated than plug and play but obviously you have to have cable run or use some sort of Ethernet over Power type device.

geek_spyware, Aug 3, 12:14 pm

Hi I was planning to use an Ethernet cable and a spare d link router. Where do you buy access points from?

geek_ova50, Aug 3, 12:50 pm

Ubiquiti can be purchased via GoWifi

geek_spyware, Aug 3, 2:36 pm

Buy a pair of power line adapter. They use your power line to act as Internet network cable.One connects to your original router, the other one connect to another router. And use the second router at the other end of your house.

geek_gameboy430258, Aug 3, 3:21 pm

You can use an old company router. Just need to set up both original and old router with the right settings so conflict. Have done it here to get better wifi in bedroom. Used an old Vodafone router from like 6-8 years ago. Not overly hard either

geek_3coolkids, Apr 4, 9:03 am

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