Can't download Ted talk- just plays

Please help, I'm so frustrated now. I want to download a Ted talk ( not off youtube) there is a download option but all that happens is that it plays the ( 10 minute talk). I really need it for a class tomorrow. Thanks in advance.

geek_aphra1, Apr 1, 12:46 pm

I guess I'm asking if there could be something on my laptop which is preventing this download and, if there might be, how do I get rid of it?

geek_aphra1, Apr 1, 12:52 pm

right click on the link for the file and select "save as" and save to wherever you want
oops, sorry, didn't realise they were video clips. I suspect they don't want you to download them, that's why there is no link?

geek_d.snell, Apr 1, 12:56 pm

What browser are you using? Eg Internet Explorer/Chrome/Firefox/Safari-

geek_dvince, Apr 1, 12:57 pm

Thanks for responding so quickly, I've just managed to do it and transfer to the flash drive. I'm feeling very pleased with myself although I'm not sure I could repeat the process. Thanks again.

geek_aphra1, Apr 4, 10:29 am

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