greenforde, Mar 31, 7:54pm
When I bring up task master it says there are 72 backround processors
should I delete these? will they cause my computer to slow down? thanks

king1, Mar 31, 8:02pm
at least 30-50 will be windows processes, the rest are services running in the background eg AV etc . So no - don't stop them. 72 is quite a reasonable number to be honest.

From your other post it doesn't look like your talking about Windows, although the answer is the same

_drdee_, Mar 31, 10:05pm
More details: make and model of computer, version of Windows and what you are doing when it feels slow.
Otherwise you are just going to get crystal ball answers.

greenforde, Mar 31, 10:58pm
Windows 8.1 with Bing
Processor AMD E1 -6010 APU with AMD RADEON R2 graphics 1.35 GHz
4.00 GB 3.45 GB useable
64 bit operating system x64 based protection.
Mostly with emails an trade me as that is what I use most times. Speed test fine.

_drdee_, Apr 1, 12:15am
By having email/web browsing slow downs the first things I would look at is to make sure all Windows updates have completed, they will quite often run in the background when you are connected to the web and really slow down a processor like that during install.
Also if you are using Explorer as your browser, consider trying Firefox or Chrome and see if websites are more responsive with a different browser.

Just don't set your expectations too high, browsers are actually quite demanding pieces of software nowadays (and will only get more demanding as time goes on) and the processor you are running is a 1.4Ghz dual-core (18w) from memory, comparable to a mid-level smartphone and is considered the slowest laptop CPU you can currently buy, but should perform *acceptably* if you don't try and multitask much.

greenforde, Mar 31, 4:30am
Thanks all you computer wizards.

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