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ashdyson, May 10, 10:25pm
So have to buy a new TV which one out of these 2 only. Yes i know one is a 60" and the other is a 48". Am replacing a 50" so i dont think we would miss 2"


nzoomed, May 10, 10:36pm
i wouldnt go under a 50 inch, ours is a 55 and it feels too small. However ours is a sony and i would much rather have the samsung any day.

vtecintegra, May 10, 10:47pm
I wouldn't go for a curved screen - it's more of a gimmick than anything else

Is this an insurance replacement? Both of those are way overpriced if you're actually paying.

ashdyson, May 10, 11:30pm
No not insurance. Most likey buying from harvey norman. those are just an example

vtecintegra, May 10, 11:39pm
How did you come up with those two models then?

ashdyson, May 10, 11:42pm
Like the look of them. What would you recommend? Don't want a Panasonic that is what is being replaced after 4 years it's not turning on

kwm30, May 10, 11:53pm
sony. i would always go with a sammy, but of the 2 you listed the sonys feature set wins hands down

velenski, May 11, 12:25am

tmenz, May 11, 12:29am
If those are the only 2 choices then Samsung.

trade_menow, May 11, 12:36am
Neither. Cga on your current tv

wardz4, May 11, 9:51am
Love our Sony bravia 60 inch.Was $1700 2 months ago. Use pricespy to keep an eye on prices and you will know if you are paying too much -surprising how much prices rock and roll from one week to the next. Wasn't really too worried about getting a "smart" tv, but we do actually use several of those features - being able to "cast" YouTube from laptop to TV wirelessly, for example, is wicked. And of course a smart tv regularly updates its firmware !

dudekrulz, May 11, 12:04pm
The Sony W600B really.

Objective proof:

"The Sony KDL40W605 is a fantastic HDTV with superb out-of-the-box accuracy. If you want a display capable of producing images that??

kaituna, May 11, 12:52pm
Fix the panasonic. I bet it is a few cooked capacitors worth about $6.00.

_drdee_, May 11, 8:09pm
LG is also worth considering, very nice panels and very good reliability.

nice_lady, May 11, 9:56pm
Why waste money? A TV should last much longer than four years. The CGA is great legislation. Use it to get the TV repaired or replaced

tintop, May 11, 11:11pm

( unless you bought it from Smiths Dick of course )

lostdude, May 12, 12:24am
If buying new, I would only buy a Sony with Triluminos display. You'll have to see one in person to appreciate the clarity.

Go to the Sony store at 129 Riccarton Road, ask to see the models with Triluminos display then note down the model of the one that impresses you the most. Search pricespy for that model and compare the lowest price that is in stock with any of the Samsungs you are interested in.

bryshaw, May 12, 7:00am
Sony has excellent motion control for watching football. This feature was even on our 8 yr old set, and I do want a smart TV one but my old set just keeps on going.

bwg11, May 12, 8:35am
I have 3 Sonys, 40", 42" & 55". They have been great TV's, having 3 similar remotes is convenient. my newest one, about 2 years old, does not have a user-friendly web browser or lightbox app.

If I was buying a new smart TV now, choosing between Sony and Samsung, I would be influenced by the "smart" features and the installed apps. I have watched several big Samsungs in friends homes, who are more than pleased with their Samsungs.

The "motion-flow" referred to by poster #18 is dramatically better on the newest one (200Hz Refresh rate?) Most noticeable when following the flight of a golf ball.

aktow, May 12, 4:45pm
i have a Sony bravia 50in and a Samsung in my room. the samsung has a better picture,

namtak, May 13, 5:28am
Samsung all the way.

crtnz, May 13, 10:11am
Here's a different perspective.
Most, if not all, HD Broadcast quality cameras are manufactured by - guess.
That's right, Sony.
When I spot an LG, Samsung or even a Veon camera on the sideline of a rugby game I might consider changing brands.
(Yes, I know everybody and their dog make 1080p cameras - but they are all a bit s**t compared to a "Real" Camera.)

dudekrulz, May 13, 11:24am
It's stupid to blanket judge brands.

Also a brighter, more colourful picture is NOT a better picture.
It's colour accuracy that's matters i.e. picture detail.

suicidemonkey, May 13, 11:59am
LG. Their new models with WebOS are just brilliant. It's srsly awesome software. They make great panels too.

mattnzw, May 13, 12:09pm
According to consumer, sony are slightly more reliable than samsung. But it comes down to the best picture, and what looks best. I like sonys more.

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