Problem receiving email

linzis, Feb 22, 6:41pm
i have yet to hear from my ISP Slingshot.
For over a year I have subscribed to Grab One emails.

3 weeks ago, they stopped.
I am still subscribed to their emails, nothing in junk/spam folder, and their email address is in my safe senders list. I use Windows Live email programme. I also logged into Slingshots webmail just to check but nothing.
I emailed Grab One, and they said everything was being sent on their end OK.
I changed my subscribed email address to a Gmail one, and started receiving emails again.
After a week I changed back to my Slingshot email address, and nothing.

Any suggestions? Thanks

vtecintegra, Feb 22, 6:42pm
Use your Gmail address

linzis, Jul 14, 3:54pm
I could but doesn't solve the problem :)
My Gmail address is my personal one. My Slingshot address is a shared family one.

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