MyV-55 Sagem phone - transfer of data

Clearing out my old phones. Have my nephew's 21st photos in the My Items but don't know how to transfer them off the phone. They're not on the SIM card and I can't find a way to easily transfer. Haven't used the phone for about 4 years and I only have the charger, no other cables. Thought I could email them but Vodafone live just comes up with errors. Any ideas?

geek_arthur-dailey, Jun 16, 5:10 pm

Photos aren't stored on the SIM - it's not a memory card, just stores your phone number information and a small number of contacts

If it has an SD card slot, you could use that. Or bluetooth to another phone. Otherwise you'll need the cable .

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 16, 5:31 pm

No card slot sadly; nor does it appear to have bluetooth technology (not that I can find in the settings). Googling for a cheap cable.

geek_arthur-dailey, Jun 16, 5:39 pm

Could this be used as a data transfer cable or would it only operate as a charger ( a bit of a luddite here).

geek_arthur-dailey, Jun 16, 5:41 pm

Quote from that auction.

This aftermarket charger has been especially made to charge Sagem mobile phone models: (Note.It will not transfer photos)

You can send pxts as MMS to another phone.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 16, 5:54 pm

Thanks, missed that.

May have to do that - send txts. Thought there's at least 70 of them that are halfway decent shots. Might flick into Vodafone tomorrow and see what they can do.

Thanks for the assist.

geek_arthur-dailey, Aug 15, 4:56 am

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