Chorus,Orcon and then NZ Govt are so full of it.

terry012, Mar 15, 11:31pm
That the internet congestion problems within NZ are a total joke.The Govt are trying to sway voters in northland with a fiber roll out plan and fast internet that will never eventuate in our lifetime. I live 20s from a major city and internet connection speeds are a joke. When will these outfits be held accountable? Not having instant and high speed connections to the outside world of NZ, deprives our children of basic knowledge. Kids won,t sit waiting for pages to appear and will move on to lesser sights. We are being throttled by incompetence and the BS is being pulled over us.

ryanm2, Mar 15, 11:34pm
Wow - ever heard of books or a library? Half the infomation on the internet is bollocks, the other half is porn.

ryanm2, Mar 15, 11:38pm
Why are the Orcon servers in Chicago?

terry012, Mar 15, 11:38pm
Hey bright spark. go to your local library and grab me the latest diagnostic downloads for a Cummins engine without timing out on a server because of connection speeds.

ryanm2, Mar 16, 12:53am
Why do your children need the latest diagnostic codes for a Cummins diesel? Or are you bleating about something else now?

Hey, just grinding your gears, we had slow internet. I moaned on here, then thought, "why dont i moan to spark". We had fibre installed and it was rubbish - within the phone call the problem was sorted, im pretty sure they had is throttled or on the wrong plan. Your speedtest speeds are pretty woeful

king1, Mar 16, 1:15am
That speedtest is not a congestion problem. my guess is you have something else going wrong with your internet. there are plenty of things at your end that can be causing it.
what type of connection is it.

terry012, Mar 16, 1:59am
Trust me it's congestion. and the only fix for it is for chorus to update the DSLams at the exchange but they won't. The school ended up on fiber but the internet at home has suffered ever since. There has been an ongoin dispute between users, chorus, and ISPs for nearly 2 years and no one will come to the party.
Have had Chorus techs here checking and then received the so sorry letter,"No funds are presently allocated for the upgrade"

trade_menow, Mar 16, 11:10pm
try ditching all the filters ( assuming your using them ) and go for a master filter - and if you can get it try VDSL

thusisperfectio, Mar 17, 10:46pm
Move somewhere that isn't in the wops?

lostdude, Mar 18, 4:59am
It's not. Server just means the server that was chosen for the test. This is either automatic or user picks.

oclaf, Mar 18, 6:28am
Boohoo. I don't know how far "20s from a major city" is. But it sounds pretty close. I think the problem is either you, your equipment, or your choice of ISP. Those are dial up speeds from the 90's. If you live 20 seconds from the center of a major city and have those speeds you need to pay someone to fix your shit.
If you're out in the wops, There are options. But you need to pay for them. It's the price of rural living.
I live in the middle of nowhere. but enjoy a solid 6Mb up and down wirelessly with Ubernet, for only marginally more than it would cost normally.
You can't expect an overnight overhaul of the entire countries telecommunications infrastructure. If there are only a handful of people serviced by an exchange, it is going to be right at the bottom of the upgrade priority list. That is basic economics. Same reason that rural roads with minimal traffic are unsealed with one way bridges.
No one is going to be held accountable, I doubt there is a country in the world with 100% adsl availability in remote rural areas.

nice_lady, Mar 18, 7:01am
Actually that speed test result is about 5X dialup speed.
Still very very poor. If you haven't already it would be good to run a diagnostic process consisting of a series of eliminations.
Other than any positive result from that you have choices such as satellite broadband, not cheap but much faster than your current connection.

oclaf, May 9, 10:19pm
Whoops my bad. I was thinking it was 25kbs. Obviously thats 250kb.

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