Microsoft/android/apple phone debate

macman26, Mar 9, 1:11am
Just had a read of a few threads after feeling like smashing my alcatel 4010 (again). I was wondering if iPhone would be a better choice but like some others I feel it is overpriced. I also don't like the way apple has gone in recent years to drop support after a few years.
I had used an Ipaq with WM5 or 6 for many years until it died and not long after my phone went so went phone hunting and got the current phone.
One of my main beefs with the android is the memory issues. Even other reviews elsewhere seem to acknowledge android has problems with this.
I notice from reviews the windows phone don't seem to have these issues.
So without getting into a I hate microsoft/android/apple debate what is windows phone users experience with the windows phones?
Is apple really worth a look at?
Or do the more expensive android phones have less problems?
Be looking forward to your thoughts

mazdasix, Mar 9, 1:37am
Memory issues? I've had Android phones for years and that's the first I've heard. The cheaper ones might, but I've never bothered with those.

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 2:02am
Actually iPhones are about the longest supported phones available - WP and Android are well behind here.

Windows Phone has (or at least had) an interesting UI but app support is far, far behind the other two.

As for memory issues the current version of Android on some phones has a fairly severe memory leak that means you need to reboot the phone every few days to maintain decent performance. iOS on the other hand just suffers from the low amount of memory iPhones are specced with - contant browser tab redraws are just a fact of life with iOS at the moment which is a shame.

footplate1, Mar 9, 2:06am
Not much use to you but, I have an iPhone 5, iPad 2 and an MS systemed desktop and laptop. My issues are the patchy relationships between Apple and MS Outlook. Calendar, contacts and notes do not fully coordinate. I lose data from Outlook frequently.

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 2:09am
The idea with a modern smartphone (any modern smartphone) is to not even try syncing with a local Outlook Calendar but rather use a hosted service like or Google Calendar

macman26, Mar 9, 2:45am
May be that "cheap" phone problem. My alcatel and my wife's Samsung Y have similar issues. I contacted Samsung and was told that Android needs to have 30Mb of phone memory spare. This is after our phones got to 15-20Mb and started playing up. Seems to be an android only problem.

vtecintegra, Mar 9, 2:47am
Nope it is a very cheap phone problem - there is a reason why even the most basic WP and iPhone models cost more.

macman26, Mar 9, 2:49am
This is one reason I wanted to keep my ipaq. 15 years of notes and contacts which I found out after I got the new phone a lot would of been lost on android. I found a program called companion link which actually works better (for me) than the original windows mobile sync. Was money well spent that program.

macman26, Jun 6, 3:09am
Thanks for your views. Guess I'll save up a bit more money for the next phone.
The other option, if I did this upgrade this on my phone would it work or is it for laptops only

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