I need a new lap top

molly37, Mar 22, 9:38am
Been relatively happy with my Toshiba, but its 6 yrs old and this week the lid is buggered and wont shut, and its VISTA! Think its time for a new one. I know nothing of such things tbh, and as long as i can search the net, check emails, save documents, and photos etc i'm happy. Have been looking at this one today http://www.harveynorman.co.nz/computers/laptops/hp-pavilion-15-p233tu-laptop.html Would appreciate any thoughts.

suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 9:42am
The one you linked is pretty powerful (i7 processor) which might be a bit overkill if you're just doing the basics. HP also isn't the most reliable brand.

My recommendation would be to find an Asus or Toshiba laptop around the $900-$1000 mark that has an Intel i3 or i5 processor.

It also pays to go and play with the display models, because some of the cheaper ones have pretty average displays.

microft768, Mar 22, 9:46am
If you can understand the following in less than a minute, the you're good enough to use windows 7 ultimate sp1:
Why aren't files from an indexed folder showing up in search results?
It might be because of the security settings for that folder. For a folder and its content to be indexed, it must be configured with the System permission. Most folders already have this, but there are some cases where a folder might be missing the System permission.

To add the System permission to a folder

Right-click the folder, click Properties, and then click the Security tab.

If you don't see System listed under Group or user names, click Edit.

Click Add, type System in the box that appears, and then click Check Names.
Under Matching names, click System, and then click OK until all of the open dialog boxes you've opened are closed.

You'll need to rebuild the index once you've made this change. To learn about rebuilding the index, see Change advanced indexing options.
And it say 'might be' . LoL! I just installed a program called Locate32 and run it's indexing task and it also fixed the quoted problem of the OS' . Might be it's windows 7 too dumb to pop up a prompt that reads "do you trust this folder? If so do you want to override the security and add it to the indexing as well?"

tigger8, Mar 22, 9:55am
have a look at noel lemming's place

microft768, Mar 22, 10:01am
I've a HP mini notebook and it has a dead pixel. My ASUS laptop's onboard network card sometimes failed to work on boot up, need to restart the os to make it work. ASUS try to push the cost down using most economical parts, and in most cases it's performance is a little bit more lower of the same class of other brands. My iPad is a headache sometimes as to get it effectively to scroll instantly back to the top of a web page, it's clock timer also not as good as my iPod's . Nothing is perfect.

suicidemonkey, Mar 22, 10:10am
Righto. Tbh that's quite a lot of irrelevant info. OP just wanted laptop recommendations.

molly37, Mar 22, 10:51am
Thanks, i'll have a look again tomorrow.

vtecintegra, Mar 23, 1:12am
If the processor model ends in 'U' there is virtually no difference between an i5 and an i7 so don't pay too much more.

Anyway the most important things don't show in the spec list so make sure whatever you get has a decent keyboard/trackpad/screen (really the last bit is the most difficult on a budget)

molly37, Mar 23, 1:49am
Its been doing my head in. So many opinions on line about Toshiba vs HP etc.
I've been looking at the HP15 P233TU. Seems to have everything I need.

vtecintegra, Mar 23, 2:05am
Probably fine, just overpriced for the crummy screen and slow hard disk you get

molly37, Mar 23, 2:10am
Well, then not fine is it? Any alternatives?

mm12345, Apr 26, 2:55pm
That's what I would have thought a few weeks ago too - until I was looking with my son who needed to buy a new one, "mid range".
By the time you're looking at decent display, just a small-ish SSD, and decent build quality, the price starts climbing.

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