PC not upgrading flash

awoftam, Oct 5, 8:47am
My PC doesn't seem to be upgrading latest versions of Flash. I check for updates and it reports as all done however a game I play won't work now and it seems to be related to Flash.

How to I make my PC download this update when it should? Any magic button I can push to make this happen?

black-heart, Oct 5, 8:51am
name of game?

intrade, Oct 5, 8:53am
what operation system?

awoftam, Oct 5, 9:07am
I have just worked out I can play if I use google chrome. If I use the system that windows 10 uses (looks like a blue 'e') I can't. Same with SkyGo?

intrade, Oct 5, 9:12am
yea i have to use chrome sometimes also when other browser wont work.
i would never in hell use a microsoft browser use firefox and chrome these 2 can do anything on the net much saver.

awoftam, Oct 5, 9:34am
Thing is, Chrome isn't as good to view as MS Edge is. font and piccys are smaller, when I am on things like this MB.

intrade, Oct 5, 9:56am
you can change that but dont ask me where haha.

awoftam, Oct 6, 4:48am
Does anyone else know?

king1, Oct 6, 5:28am
like chrome, flashplayer is built into MS Edge, check it is turned on for starters

allan_mac, Oct 7, 9:11am
try uninstalling the latest flash updates, then go back and install them again

awoftam, Sep 19, 3:00am
Found it lol was easy peasy. Flash was installed (as I thought it was) so I am all go!

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