Two Questions Please

tabitha, Apr 25, 7:30pm
I have a new Samsung tablet and can't get TradeMe Community message board. I would also like a news app similar to Stuff. Any suggestions? Thanks.

ryanm2, Apr 25, 8:32pm
The trademe app doesn't have support for the community page. However, if you go online as you normally would with the google app etc just load trade me like a normal page and you can view the community stuff that way. For new I had an app that had every nz news outlet listed, it was great, had about 25 papers including stuff, the press, the herald, southland times, etc etc

ians2, Apr 25, 8:53pm
Yes, do not use the supplied 'app' but rather a browser. I discovered this the hard way also.
Typing this on one of my Samsung tablets.

rz_zone, Apr 25, 10:04pm
I recomend Dolphin, but you can try Chrome or Firefox.

wayne416, Apr 25, 10:15pm
Opera Mini I have found to be the best, small, fast and saves a lot of data, Wont play videos though so use built in browser for that if need be or the other fully featured browser by Opera.

brapbrap8, Apr 25, 10:29pm
When you go on trademe on your tablet, there is a button at the bottom that says "go to desktop site". You click that and it takes you to the normal trademe website which lets you do the messageboard etc.
I am browsing here with my old Samsung galaxy Tab 10.1. More than 3 years old and still going good as new.

As for the news app, why not just use the stuff app if you like it?

tabitha, Apr 25, 10:51pm
Thanks everyone. You've been a big help. :-)

tintop, Jan 15, 9:58pm
Yep 'The go to desktop site' is the magic button :)

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