Connecting Mini Projector to Desktop

zolloz, Apr 21, 9:15am
Hi everyone

I bought a Zeus Mini Projector which has wireless capability to allow remote projection from Phones, Tablets and (I hope) my desktop.

Everything with phones and tablets work great but I can't seam to configure either the projector or my Desktop to sync and play/stream video.

I've had a hunt around the net and can't see anything that solves the issue for me and wondered if there was anyone on Trademe who might have had any similar problems and found any solutions they could pass on.

I have tried to detect a wireless device (the projector) but it can't be detected so far.

Using Windows 7 and Windows media player to play the videos.

Any help really appreciated.


king1, Apr 21, 11:30am
apparently miracast, which it uses, is only supported from Windows 8.1

zolloz, Apr 21, 8:29pm
Hi there. My projector uses both Miracast and DLNA and I can use either. From what I gather is built into Windows Media Player.

king1, Apr 21, 8:46pm
dlna in wmp on win 7 is flakey at best.

you could try VLC see if that is any better. setup as per this thread

neoslowmo, Apr 21, 8:51pm
As king1 said, I wouldn't use WMP for that at all if you did get it to work with it, it would probably intermittent at best.
VLC player would be far better, in streaming and quality of stream.

zolloz, Jan 25, 8:28am
Thanks guys. I'll take a look at VLC and see if I can link up and stream with that. Much appreciated.

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