House alarm - beeping

extrayda, Apr 20, 9:18am
Hi, don't know where to post this?
House has a Micron Scorpion Z6L alarm.
It was working fine, but now emits a high beep I think about every minute (from the keypad not the siren). It has mains power, and I set and re-set it, which shuts it up VERY briefly. It has standard sensors (no wireless / battery powered ones). No smoke detector built in.
I suspect the battery as it is from 2007 (12v 7.5). However can't find anything that specifically says it will be that. I'm pretty sure in my last house the alarm was the same brand and model, and I think that's what the symptoms were.

Can anyone confirm this?
Thanks !

wayne416, Apr 20, 9:22am
I think you answered your own question.

extrayda, Apr 20, 9:32am
I think so too - usually a bit of googling will confirm - but not this time.
Was hoping someone here knew better.
Oh well, the batteries are pretty cheap, so I will try and see.

wayne416, Apr 20, 9:55am
8 years isn't bad for a battery.

trade_menow, Apr 20, 11:51pm
indeed - recommended replacement is every 3-5 years
OP listing 875989412 is what your after

extrayda, Apr 21, 12:31am
Thanks. Just bought exactly that one about 10 minutes ago! (had to have it today). Will report back if it fixes the problem. Either way if the existing one is 2007, it's past due.

extrayda, Apr 21, 7:41am
Damn! Wrong terminals (these are wider than the ones on the alarm).
I seem to remember seeing two different types specified. Back to PB Tech tomorrow to swap it. On another note the beeping has now stopped - going to replace the battery anyway as it's due and cheap to do.

trade_menow, Apr 21, 9:16am
so the battery didnt fit ( bugger ) so you have no battery installed but the beeping stopped ? odd. it should keep beeping every so often letting you know theres no battery backup
Do you have a volt meter to test your old battery - disconnected from the panel should read 12 or so volt . maybe 13 ( but a old battery i doubt it ) if that checks out ok connect it to the panel and disconnect the mains there should be a small pull out fuse on the mains connection terminal block then check the battery again for voltage but since its powering sensors / keypads and whatever else is connected to the panel will likely be around 10 - 11 v if its under that then its clearly not holding the charge but if it is then battery may be fine - even if old and could be a different fault alltogether

extrayda, Apr 25, 10:45am
Hi trade_menow.
I stuck the old battery back in again, and the beeping stopped. Still fine today. Bought another battery yesterday with the right size connectors and fitted it today anyway. All good. Hopefully it stays happy for the next five years or more! Will give the battery a bit more of a test before disposing of it, but it did look pretty old and a bit grungy round the terminals.

skull, Apr 25, 9:50pm
Some older alarm systems have a battery in the outside hooter box if you have one.

wayne416, Apr 25, 10:24pm
May be cooler weather also. Old batteries don't like the cold but can return to normal as they get warm. Smoke detectors do it, start beeping in the small hours because of low battery and stop beeping during the day after warming up.

timtec, Dec 29, 10:12pm
We had to just replace the battery in our Scorpion Z6L, but we were alerted to it by the mains light flashing, not a beeping :) The old battery was really hot and bulging when we removed it (was installed in 2007 ish)

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