Abusive emails

thefatfj, Feb 25, 2:43am
if someone sends you abusise emails from there place of employment can u notify there employer n complain

skin1235, Feb 25, 3:48am
of course you can, but should you?
are they about a personal matter or a business matter relating to the company, if the former I wouldn't lower myself to that sort of tit for tat behaviour, if the later possibly, the boss should be aware of the nature of business emails sent, any emails sent by his employee is supposed to reflect the business and its practice s in dealing with customers
I suspect the former, perhaps a reply that the next email sent in such a tone will be returned direct to the boss, asking him to contact by phone and explain why it was allowed to be sent under his business name

skin1235, Feb 25, 3:49am
on that note you can print it out, and deliver it in person to the boss, make sure the printing includes the sender and the address of origin

thefatfj, Feb 25, 3:59am
cheers n thanks, yes was relating to a private matter,and was also sent from a govt department,

skin1235, Feb 25, 6:47am
I'd reply without addressing the content but merely state not appreciated and if repeated will be delivered to his/her boss by hand

soodanim, Jul 4, 4:56am
It shouldn't matter if it's personal or work related. They are using their work email. Tell the boss.

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