Outgoing server- own domain email on samsung ph

takoyaki01, Jun 12, 9:22am
Hi, I'm wondering if anyone might be able to help because I've spent so much time on the ph to spark and orcon and googling and I'm having no luck :(
My work email is my own domain name and I had it on my old phone over a year ago (so can't check settings) and am now trying to add it to the ph i have now and it's not working. It is an iserve through orcon (I think-incoming server is iserve but it is through orcon). I've had it three years. My ph is galaxy 4 through spark. I have the incoming server right because I can receive emails but I can't send. I've tried all the stuff I can find for spark and orcon and nothing working. Any ideas? I need to reply to clients while out :( Thank you!

pyro_sniper2002, Jun 12, 9:32am
At a guess, you need the SSL SMTP settings for your mail connection, otherwise you will not be able to send off anything except an orcon connection. .

takoyaki01, Jun 12, 9:40am
That's what I've been doing(using the spark one) but it won't work :(

king1, Jun 12, 9:57am
normally you would use
mail.yourdomainname.co.nz with NO SSL (otherwise you get certificate issues) and port 587 or 25 or maybe 2525 with the email address as username

or you could try
mail.orcon.net.nz with ssl ON and port 465, OR TLS on 587, with the email address as username

Ultimately settings are provided by your domain name provider (I don't know of any that do not provide sending capabilities) so they should be the ones to provide the correct settings

Using xtra to send email will be painful as you have to log into xtra webmail and register your domain email as one of yours, otherwise Xtra will not send mail on behalf using your domain email

or is iserve something different? in which case ignore everything I said.

takoyaki01, Jun 12, 10:25am
None of those are working. It's so weird! I think iserve are older orcon accounts but not sure

takoyaki01, Aug 19, 4:59pm
Thanks everyone! got it sorted in the end-despite telling orcon it was a business account and them saying I had no account, it turns out they couldn't find me because it was an iserve account (also told them that) now have the right settings.

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