Help with command prompt to solve citrix problem

hi i'm trying to navigate using command prompt to run a set up command and keep getting the message
c:\ is not recognized as an internal or external command

I've copied and pasted the path from file manger should I be adding something else to what i'm pasting?

am on windows 8.1, am trying to fix a citrix issue which is that the apps won't launch from the browser window )have tried IE and firefox)

geek_jimkahu1, Jun 13, 2:03 pm

You have to change directory first

type cd\ and hit enter. Next type cd and the filepath, see below for an example

cd C:\Users\Ray\Desktop

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 13, 2:10 pm

whatdoes unable to parse command line mean?

geek_jimkahu1, Jun 13, 2:13 pm

Sounds like you have typed an invalid command. When did you get that error?

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 13, 2:15 pm

when i typed in the command from the forum (was 2012 so probably out of date!)

geek_jimkahu1, Jun 13, 2:16 pm

Sorry I don't know what you mean. Are you referring to the commands I posted?

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 13, 2:18 pm

Thanks joojoo,
no your commands were great, got me were i needed to be but the fix from the forum didn't work. i'm giving up now it's Friday the IT team at work can have a go Monday - this was my last attempt. appreciate the help

geek_jimkahu1, Jun 13, 2:20 pm

Ok, no problem.

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 13, 2:21 pm

You don't have to change the current command directory if you're using the full path to the file, the current command directory can be anywhere. If it's a command that's going to be used more than once or twice it's best to add the full path to the .exe to the path system variable, then you don't even have to worry about having to use the full file path name each time, regardless of current directory.
Op, you could really be typing anything and making any number of mistakes, post a screenshot of your window and what you've typed would be the go.

geek_ross1970, Jun 13, 3:23 pm

Pardon? Of course he has to change directory unless he is accessing a sub directory of the system32 folder. The reason he was getting the initial error message is because he was trying to do what you have suggested.

geek_joojoo_eyeball, Jun 13, 3:38 pm

I'm thinking you might need to put double quotes around the name of the executable, and again around the entire parameter. This is because there are spaces in the strings. I also suspect you may have typed the command from a piece of paper and have inserted additional spaces where spaces shouldn't be, in addition to the spaces that should be there.

So at the prompt you should be typing something like (TM might mess this up):

"c:\program files\some app\roger.exe" "-x roger -r over"

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 13, 3:47 pm

Nothing wrong with including the full path, in fact it is often preferable to avoid having to track the current directory. As mentioned above you often have to use quotes around the path if it includes spaces

geek_king1, Jun 13, 4:08 pm

-1 You need to bone up on using the command window. Whats your current command directory - c:\users\jojo for eg, leave it there, now from an explorer window copy the full path to an executable in your program files, say ccleaner for eg, paste full path into the command prompt, enter, what happens, ccleaner opens. Like I said, current directory is irrelevant when using full path names.

geek_ross1970, Jun 13, 4:13 pm

Now for the second part of what i said, add the full path of the folder containing the CCleaner.exe to your the system variable - "path". Back in the command prompt window stay in whatever directory you like, type CCleaner.exe, what happens? ccleaner opens, magic, no full file path needed and again, command prompt current directory = irrelevant.

geek_ross1970, Aug 23, 5:09 pm

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