Logitech k400 keyboard, some media keys not workin

hi. anyone have one of these keyboards? just bought one today and works fine except for the fast forward and rewind buttons. the play and pause are fine. but the others dont work, ie press fast forward and it takes you back to the beginning, ditto on the rewind one.

i have tried in both vlc and media player in case it was software related. same in both. have tried with both video and music. ditto!

i have downloaded the driver and nothing there either. do get logitech stuff installed now (keyboard apart from these keys did work without it though)

any ideas, i will also try on another computer but this is a fairly newly built windows 7 machine and pretty clean.


geek_christin, May 1, 4:08 am

Those buttons ARE previous and next track, not rewind and fast-forward.


geek_lostdude, May 1, 4:15 am

That sucks if that's the case, one website about the keyboard said you could fast forward and rewind video. Logitech said it contained your most used media keys, I'd assume ff and rew were pretty most used. Mohave had a Logitech keyboard before with them on.

geek_christin, May 1, 4:34 am

Dont leave them in the sun.the scroll pad stops working within seconds.

geek_fordcrzy, Dec 18, 8:54 pm