Help buying a tablet

Hi I am a tradesman and have up until now been answering emails etc during the day with my Samsung 3 phone but would like to be able to do more like send quotes etc while away from home and someone was telling me I can use a tablet thru the hotspot data on my phone. does anyone have any recommendations on a tablet. I really know nothing about them.

geek_rapids17, Apr 19, 12:09 pm

Do you really want two devices? Would a Samsung Note 4 do all you need?

geek_bwg11, Apr 19, 12:17 pm

One device is the way to go. A phablet is good, phone/tablet all in one, takes a SIM card like phone but can top up with data only so you have connection. You can then send/ receive mail on the go.

geek_wayne416, Apr 19, 12:25 pm

Thank you I will look in to it

geek_rapids17, Apr 19, 1:42 pm

I went from a 4.3" HTC Sensation to a 5.0" Moto G2 and even with that increase noticed a big diference so even going from 4.7" to 5.7" may work well for you to, when in doubt check it out, go to a store and have a look at how well an email looks on the Note 4.0

geek_ctnz, Feb 2, 9:18 pm

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