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red45, Apr 11, 9:29pm
I have an old desk top Microsoft Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Specs Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4CPU 2.60GHz512MB of RAM.

Although it works fine, I'm totally over the slowness and I also want to update to the newest version of Microsoft Office.

My main use for the computer is surfing the Internet, editing books and documents in word, excel, and pdf's, downloading books and movies and watching tv on demand. I'm not into games, or interested in HDMI functions as I tend to read more than watch TV. Key features would be a clear largish screen and ergonomics, which makes me ask is a laptop or desktop better ergonomically?
Lastly can I have some recommendations please preferably under a $1000. Thanks

tillsbury, Apr 11, 9:37pm
You'll get a lot more computer for the money going for a desktop rather than a laptop. But avoid all-in-ones generally.

skin1235, Apr 11, 11:37pm
those specs will run win7, and even down to office 2007 will run on win 7, not too sure about backward compatibility of office though, files from office 2013 could be an issue if trying to open them in 2007. ( someone else here will know re that ) it should be fast enough with XP actually, when did it last have a good cleanout
I've only recently gone to 7 from XP, the difference in speed on the same computer is very noticeable

edit, damn I just noticed the ram, upsize that to 2 or 4 gb and win7 will fly

mrfxit, Apr 11, 11:39pm
How comfy are you with using XP.?
Getting a new "off the shelf" pc or laptop WILL mean it's running Win8.1l
A bit like going from Win 3.1 to XP

I suspect you would be best suited to Win7 but even then it will probably "break" (not work) a lot of prg's etc that you currently use on XP.
At least not without a bit of mucking about with compatibility mode tricks.
You may also find your current printer if it's an XP or earlier version unit, won't work with Win7 & definitely not work with Win8.1

Tho in saying that, some ppl don't have any issues learning win8.1 & do indeed love it.
Office 360 will also need a good reliable broadband connection because it's cloud based (most of the files are online, not on your computer).& is very different to what's available to be installed on XP.
Office 2010 should be fine for you & possibly not such a huge learning curve compared to Office 360 (coming from Xp based office)

mrfxit, Apr 11, 11:43pm
The big difference between Pre 2015 office & Office 365 is that office 360 is subscription based, meaning that if you don't pay each & every year, you loose access to office completely.
Previous versions are installed ON your computer & it's only the original purchase price paid . ever.

Cloud office will be great if you NEED to be 100% up to date all the time & or travel a lot with needing full access.

mrfxit, Apr 11, 11:47pm
A tidy recent dual core 2.5 /3ghz /4gb ram/ 500gb to 1tb hdd / 21" wide screen as a desktop tower would only be around $500 from a shop & probably even get you an i3 cpu.
Win 7 needs 4gb ram but unless you are doing some heavy work, 4gb should be fine for most things.

Eg: PBtech has a lot of suitable computers

red45, Apr 12, 3:07am
Thanks for the replies, I've had it serviced about 6 months ago and was told getting ram now was not worth my while as the mother board may go one day. I do have all my files backed up daily on another portable hard drive.

I use much newer version of microsoft at work so work between an old system and a new system so that's not a problem. It's the grinding of the xp while it chugs along that pushing my buttons more as each week goes by. I also have a newish Brother monotone laser printer so that will work with something new.

Im leaning towards spending a bit more and getting this ASUS when it becomes available http://blog.laptopmag.com/asus-ux305-vs-macbook

vtecintegra, Apr 12, 3:10am
None of this is true. You do not understand what Office 365 is.

vtecintegra, Apr 12, 3:13am
It is available now.

You said in your first post you wanted something with a large screen and ergonomics were important. That systems gives you neither.

schizoid, Apr 12, 3:22am
No it wont, it's still a 10 year old+ single core CPU. As others have said, a dual core system with 4GBs RAM should do the trick (my vote goes to the ex lease suggestion, can easily find something for under $100). If you can add a SSD to the PC you will be happy.

red45, Apr 12, 3:24am
Noted and correct. Why are all in one desktops not good?

red45, Apr 12, 3:49am
Well what about something like this? http://tinyurl.com/pl82mgg

r.g.nixon, Apr 12, 4:01am
Specs look OK, but a 19.5" screen is 'smallish' for modern desktops. Persuade them to supply a 22 to 24" one.

dudekrulz, Apr 12, 4:23am
They're bad value for money + harder to upgrade.

dudekrulz, Apr 12, 4:39am
They're bad value for money + harder to upgrade.
Anyway, yes that HP one at Noel Leeming looks like a great package deal.
And yes, pay a little extra for a bigger screen like this one: https://www.noelleeming.co.nz/shop/computers/computer-accessories/computer-monitors/aoc-e2450swh-23-6-full-hd-led-monitor/prod113689.html

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