Rip off postage

r.g.nixon, Mar 15, 4:31am
I just paid $8 for postage on a CPU! Grr.
Oh well, I don't feel too bad about it - the CPU was only $5.

sakkara, Mar 15, 5:12am
mr nixon sir you seem to be the go to guy for all things computer where can i get a copy of xp media centre 2005 ? i have the windows key on laptop but alas no disk ;-(

thanks in advance

king1, Mar 15, 5:47am
its in here if you know how - just start the download then skip all the ones you don't want. it looks like the original but usual disclaimers apply

mattnzw, Mar 15, 5:56am
Was it charged at the cost price, or did they add a markup? A small amount to cover materials is ok I guess as long as it is a small amount. But some traders see to make a lot of their profit with inflated shipping prices and no pickup option.

hakatere1, Mar 15, 4:36pm
Agree r.g. Ripoff. What can you do though?

intrade, Mar 15, 8:47pm
i still try and find out how they ship free from china and singapour , it gets delivered to my door so it is delivered from that country to the border and then its the same service we pay here huge money compaired to what they charge free. Its not like you get a little chinese man walking from the airport to your letter box as free labour. that would be against the law if he had no work permit after all.

schizoid, Mar 16, 1:11am
cant tell if that's suppose to be funny or just racist.

mazdasix, Mar 16, 2:22am
1) it's not free, it's built into the cost of the product
2) it's cheap because it takes 3-4 weeks to arrive, and in my case often never arrives at all

I'd rather pay for fast and (mostly) reliable service

thewomble1, Mar 16, 3:17am
The longest time to deliver from these 'free' postage suppliers has been 15 days from time of ordering to getting the goods. My last was 8 days.

mattnzw, Mar 16, 3:59am
There must be some loophole with shipping from china, as you can buy something for $3, and it gets shipped here free, where it would cost more than that so send that same item within NZ. There is something wrong there.

hakatere1, Mar 16, 4:33am
I smiled. then laughed out loud a bit when I thought how unlike intrade it was.

mazdasix, Mar 16, 4:50am
It could be that China has 1.4 billion people. massive country, huge exporter, relaxed labour laws. stuff is going to be cheaper. just sayin.

newbie5, Mar 16, 6:17am
If you bought it off me you would still be charged minimum $5 postage as I only use courier as do most traders .

newbie5, May 16, 5:14am
Oh I see it was shipped from China mind you shipping from overseas will usually cost anyway. . If I had what you wanted it would still cost you $5

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