Acer Netbook

ianalice1, Apr 7, 8:15am
I'm after a replaceable hard drive for our Acer Aspire One.
It's a 320 GB, part # ST 320LM001.
Did a search, on here and nothing comes up.
Any advice, please?

r.g.nixon, Apr 7, 8:19am
You don't have to match the storage size or the part number; just the physical size (2.5" drives come in a couple of thicknesses); and the interface (all new drives are SATA). You'll probably find a 500GB drive that suits.

r.g.nixon, Apr 7, 8:22am
Looks like you'll be after one that is 7mm thick, rather than the more common 9.5mm.

king1, Apr 7, 9:15am
Western Digital eqivalent is a WD3200LPVX approx 85$

the 500gb is also 7mm

I wouldn't bother with a SSD - i did this to mine and it made bugger all difference.

ianalice1, Apr 7, 10:44am
Thanks guys.
Because of lack of funds, was hoping for a, "pre loved one".

r.g.nixon, Apr 7, 11:17am
$55.12 for this Toshiba (it is a 7mm too)

hakatere1, Apr 7, 4:18pm
I did too. Too underpowered cpu wise to make any difference.

ianalice1, Apr 8, 12:12am
Anyone know where I can pickup a hard drive, for a, Acer Aspire One.
It's a 320 GB, part # ST 320LM001?
Can't afford a new one.

king1, Apr 8, 12:26am
As has already been mentioned, you don't need to be particular about the brand (just the height!). Mine came with a 160GB Hitachi drive.

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