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I have a laptop that my daughter has been on. she has now decided it is running too slow to do her homework and wants a new one. It was running fine before she got her hands on it. have run defrag, errror checking, advast scan, ad cleaner but has not increased by much. Any one have any suggestions?

geek_3amigoes, Jun 2, 5:59 pm

Download Speccy, post what the processor type/speed, how much ram it has and what the operating system is.

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jun 2, 6:03 pm

CCleaner wll clear out junk files.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 2, 6:06 pm

Enable guest acc so she can use for doing homework. Stop her installing all sorts of random stuff on it.

geek_rz_zone, Jun 2, 6:24 pm

If it is old, there will be dust inside making it overheat. Many laptops will then run slower to reduce the temperature.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jun 2, 6:26 pm

check to see if the harddrive is full

if so delete or remove files and photos

geek_sakkara, Jun 2, 6:42 pm

Start with basics - click Control Alt Delete simultaneously and bring up your task manager where you can end processes that
do not need to be running

geek_mals69, Jun 2, 7:18 pm

and then they'll simply start up again on reboot if you haven't uninstalled the applicable exe or stopped the actual service running the process or set it not to start on startup.

geek_ross1970, Jun 2, 7:26 pm

Go on, don't be a scrooge - buy the poor wee girl a new top of the range toshiba.

geek_moltenfire, Jun 2, 9:05 pm

Gee OP is going to be busy by the looks

geek_wenpen, Jun 2, 9:37 pm

classic piece of dis-advice.

A reformat will probably make it run like new, or maybe cleaning it out, either physically or figuratively as others have suggested. If it actually does require a hardware upgrade, I'm betting a SSD would do the trick nicely if it doesn't already have one.

geek_schizoid, Jun 3, 12:23 am

Not sure why that's bad advice. A full hard drive will cause the computer to run slower due to the higher chance of fragmentation of files as the disk fills up. It can also leave less room for virtual memory (paging file). Either way - freeing up space and a defrag will help a bit.

Even full SSDs slow down, but for a different reason.

geek_suicidemonkey, Jun 3, 12:30 am

because it will only slow you down if it is actually full, like down to the last GB. People think for some reason that the more free space you have=faster PC.

Uninstalling unnecessary programs however, especially those on start up, can make a difference. I think thats where the confusion is, they uninstall something see the HDD space free up, and think that has been the magical solution.

geek_schizoid, Jun 3, 1:07 am

That's a punitive measure against a young girl, she's going to be a bit disappointed that all of her photo's and videos of her friends and pets having fun are suddenly going to be deleted without any backup. However, I'd completely agree with buying an external drive and a few memory sticks specifically for her personal use so that she manages her own data.

I generally disagree with handing down laptops to youngsters or elderly, because if our expectation of speed has exceeded the capability of the device such that we're going to buy a new one for ourselves and give this old one away, then we're just tricking someone into thinking it will be fine for them, and then we're going to get frustrated that the young or old recipient keeps asking us for help.

Single-core and non hyper-threading devices are now beneath my expectations; why would I give one to an elderly person, or a youngster.

But, look for microsoft updates that fail and keep getting downloaded and always failing, updates downloading for microsoft products installed but not actually being used, factory drivers for the HP CQ61 are the wrong ones; if the mouse is jumpy then the CPU is busy and if you look what at the chief offending executables are you might see a clue as to what to examine.

geek_gyrogearloose, Jun 3, 8:27 am

Hey nitpicker its a starting point

geek_mals69, Jun 3, 9:30 am

Hey Mr50%, pump up a flat tyre on your car without getting the leak fixed. It'll go flat again just down the road, but hey, it's a starting point.

geek_ross1970, Jun 3, 9:43 am

Really would it go flat again - get a life dickhead !
There is no need to spoon-feed people with bugger
all learning to be had, sure the OP can use google
once pointed in the right direction - a direction
you did not have the common sense to post about.
Now get off the dole get a haircut and a job !

geek_mals69, Jun 3, 10:36 am

I've spent a lot of hours trying to optimise computers which have become slower than when new. Sure, you can make improvements, but in my opinion nothing works as well as a total re-install of the OS. This is particularly true with XP, but also true for later versions.

It is quite a simple, if time consuming, procedure as many laptops keep a image file of the "out of the box" state on the hard disk, which can be easily restored.

geek_bwg11, Jun 3, 12:39 pm


geek_moltenfire, Jun 3, 6:28 pm

Run spybot, ccleaner, malwarbytes, antivirus. Clean out unwanted files and defrag. Take everything off the startup menu except the antivirus program. Check task manager, should be no more than 60 programs running, maybe less. Take out the battery, just run it on mains.Don't leave it in the sun. Clean out the dust from vents. If it's still slow, then sell it for next to nothing and be glad its gone.

geek_jhan, Jun 3, 6:54 pm


geek_mike16, Sep 21, 10:07 am

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