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nzoomed, Apr 24, 12:34am
Multiple locations?
Ive bought a second property down the street and am hoping i can use my same Orcon connection without having to open a second account.
I know that if the line has ADSL, I should be able to connect with my router, but i dont believe its possible to use two routers on two seperate locations on the same account at the same time.

If anyone has done such a thing, im interested to hear.

pyro_sniper2002, Apr 24, 1:15am
No, one connection per site. This is how Chorus charge Orcon and any other ISP. Can you see one site from the other? If so you could put in a wireless link between sites.

ross1970, Apr 24, 1:47am
You're meant to be a tech ?!

brycer, Apr 24, 1:52am
cheap and easy point to point wireless if you have line of site

mechnificent, Apr 24, 2:21am
Try it. They will connect to the isp or they won't.
They will charge you for the data you use as per usual. They don't care how many computers you have connected, it will just be a matter of seeing if two modems can connect at the same time.

Let us know.

kevymtnz, Apr 24, 2:27am
2 modems = no unless you can send by wireless from yr modem = no
if you can run a cable to the other house = yes
if you have other people between then ask if you can run a cable along the fences which of course you did not say if it was 100m away or 400m

king1, Apr 24, 3:38am
I would have said awhile ago that one would bump the other offline when connecting each.
nowdays they seem to be using the port based authentication on a lot of connections so I can't actually see that the other line will ever connect unless the BB is on and paid for
Basically no

wembley1, Apr 24, 4:07am
The following from a Vodafone help page suggest you can:

"Resold Modem/Routers
If a modem is to be resold, or gifted to someone else then the user information will need to be cleared from the device. If someone else connects a modem/router onto the internet with your username and password, then you will be responsible for their usage. "

lucky.gadgets, Apr 24, 5:17am
Just build a simple wireless bridge using a pair of dishes and mikrotik Metal device

loud_37, Apr 24, 5:42am
As long as both properties have a dsl signal you'll have no problems. If your with spark or Vodafone you no longer need unique username or passwords to connect. I've done it at 4 properties all working at the same time.

loud_37, Apr 24, 5:45am
But point to point wireless would be a better solution

nzoomed, Apr 24, 6:27am
Yes, and from my experience ive had a customer with a high data bill, as it turned out they had sold their old router on Trademe and the buyer had been using it with those settings saved in the router According to telstraclear, they told me that 2 routers were in use at the same time.
At the time i never thought it was possible, but they claimed it was so IDK anymore. We changed the password and the problem was solved.
Would be cool if i could do this even if i had to pay a little extra on my bill, it would make things alot cheaper.

If a wireless bridge would work, it would be great both properties would be about 200-300m away

nzoomed, Apr 24, 6:29am
sweet, that confirms what i have been thinking.

mrfxit, Apr 24, 6:33am
But to get a connection, you need an active account . anyways

mechnificent, Apr 24, 6:40am
That what you describe is what I thought would happen. You get two modems logged on, but you will still only get the data you pay for . They don't care if you sign in with ten modems. they will sell more data.
It works the same if you add more computers at home. still your data.

d.snell, Apr 24, 7:21am
Why would the 2nd property have BB if it hasn't an active account? Each property is unique and needs an account to be active.
The info about validation with passwords is obsolete and out-dated, it's all controlled through the phone line nowdays. I doubt there are any ISP's left in NZ that use password authentication anymore. Certainly not Spark, Slingshot, Flip, Orcon, Snap that I know of. I'm not sure about Vodafone, but would be surprised if it still is password Authenticated. Telstraclear, Ihug etc are all defunct now and come under Vodafone.

king1, Apr 24, 7:35am
yep Voda is port based - I inadvertently set one up using a few months back and it connected fine.

d.snell, Apr 24, 7:46am
Yep, thought so, So the answer to the original question is NO, you can't use 1 BB account in 2 places, because the BB won't be livened up until it has is own account.

nztechstore, Apr 24, 7:59am

he who says "Been in the computer industry for the past 22 years and prior to that, I was in the telecommunications industry for 17 years" .

Doesn't know how to enable a simple solution.

I've met people like you .

. they say it can't be done (but, what they means is "I don't know how to do it")


PS, all those 39 years of experience - where they earned in the NZPO/Telecom/Spark center of "I don't know how to do it"?


nzoomed, Apr 24, 8:06am
Not all ISP's do, and if its not their "provided" router you typically have to use the default username and password, eg for spark, its and anything for a password will work.

king1, Apr 24, 8:19am
well the voda one I did several months back was on an old telecom dsl 604T modem (hence the reason I programmed it for Telecom). It still worked.
And subsequently talking to Vodafone later on, the voice on the other end of the line told me Voda had switched to port based authentication in some areas, which to my mind would suggest that something needs to be turned on at the other end for each property.

king1, Apr 24, 8:21am
ultimately, the only way to find out is to try it and let us know - it would certainly be a damn site easier than setting up a wireless bridge solution

king1, Apr 24, 8:24am
No more beersies for you me thinks

oclaf, Apr 24, 8:27am
I used to use my dial up connection at multiple locations, though never tried at the same time.
Given my understanding of ADSL, I think not.

d.snell, Apr 24, 8:36am
Well I just set a modem up for flip the other day, and they are part of the M2 Group so, Slingshot, Orcon and flip are all included. Their website said to use the flip account number @ for username, and password that you created when you signed up. The customer didn't have any of these handy, so I just used fred and fred for them both and it worked. A later call to flip confirmed they no longer need paswords and usernames to authenticate any more and you can put in anything you like.

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