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midnight42, Mar 2, 1:01am
Can anyone help please? The only mailbox I can open is Inbox.
Can't delete or move anything, Any suggestions Please?

midnight42, Mar 2, 1:06am
I have tried shutting down , removing the battery, and restarting. Didn't make any difference.

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 1:11am
What program are you viewing your email with?

midnight42, Mar 2, 1:17am
Not sure. Would Yahoo Mail be right?

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 1:21am
No. It will either be an email client program (Outlook, Thunderbird etc), or a web browser (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc).

midnight42, Mar 2, 1:23am
OK. I think it is Outlook.

vtecintegra, Mar 2, 1:26am
Log into webmail and use that instead

midnight42, Mar 2, 1:29am
So, you think it is a problem with Outlook. Are other people having the same problem?

lythande1, Mar 2, 1:31am
How about opening it and taking a look and being exact.

midnight42, Mar 2, 1:37am
I am not very computer literate.Would you mind telling me how to do that please?

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 2:20am
Outlook looks like this. Could be minor variations depending on version. See any similarity?

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 2:22am

pcmaster, Mar 2, 4:24am
yahoo mail were having server issues yesterday

pcmaster, Mar 2, 6:25pm
a lot of people do just blindly click cos they use icons as reference and know which one does what in their setup

(i.e. such logic as "the 'blue e' opens the internet", "the envelope opens my emails," "the funny blue W is so i can type stuff")

one person i know doesnt like to scroll down a webpage, so if they dont see what they want in the top 3rd of a webpage (or however much their screen displays by default) they claim they can't find it, or that it doesn't exist, even if what they want is just a bit further down the page

midnight42, Mar 2, 8:03pm
It doesn't look like this.

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 8:07pm
Are you using then?
This isn't a program - it is a website.

midnight42, Mar 2, 8:08pm
The screen does look like this except that it doesn't have Outlook at the top. It has Yahoo Mail.

midnight42, Mar 2, 8:12pm
Please show me on that page where I see the program.

r.g.nixon, Mar 2, 8:19pm
OK, looks like you are using Yahoo's webmail.!_Mail
Again, it is a website, not a program.

midnight42, Mar 2, 8:31pm
I know that some of you think I am a bit thick,but I am not. I am 78 and have not learnt about computers at school like most of you probably have. I am not conversant with terms like server, website, ISP ,etc., so I do find it difficult to sort out problems when they occur. To the people who are treating me as some kind of simpleton on here, it will be interesting to see how you handle the latest technology in another 50 years or so. I do appreciate the help that some of you are trying to give me though and thank you for that.

midnight42, Mar 2, 8:33pm
Thank you. So any ideas how to sort the problem?

midnight42, Mar 2, 8:35pm
Ok. So with your knowledge,could you please show me on the page displayed in message 12, where I see tha?

nice_lady, Mar 2, 9:02pm
On the very top left of the blue bar in the pic it says 'outlook'

midnight42, Mar 2, 9:17pm
Thank you nice lady. But then I am being told that this is not a program , but a website. So I don't know whether we have found the right answer or not, but I do know that I haven't been given any ideas to fix the problem that I originally enquired about. I thought this message board would be a place where one could come for help, but it seems I was mistaken.

midnight42, Mar 2, 9:21pm
The only positive thing I can take from this exersize is that I will know not to waste my time coming in here again.

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