I have a cellphone and only use 2 or 3 times a month. I used to have a vodafone prepaid and if I topped up say $10 it would last for 1 year, now it seems to last only 30 days. Is this correct? or am I being ripped off?
Is there any other NZ Telcos that are cheaper. I have tried 2 degrees and Skinny but they all last for 30 days.
Please no smart remarks as I'm a old codger

geek_rayj, Apr 24, 11:16 am

Once you top up you go on a monthly plan that last 30 days. Unfortunately it's not like the old days where you put the credit on the account and pay for each text and call.

geek_suicidemonkey, Apr 24, 11:20 am

Skinny does what you need. Don't buy a combo and you'll be on their standard rates.

geek_patxyz, Apr 24, 11:28 am

Every telco have this option, just dont subscribe to any combo.
Vodafone however when you buy a new sim, is default to $19 combos, just another way to make customers more confusing and to make profit I suppose. So you have to call em to change the plan, which might cost you at least $5 lol

Spark/2degrees still have the old 1 year credit option, as above, just dont subscribe to any combos.

geek_rz_zone, Apr 24, 11:41 am

My phone use is similar to yours. I am on "Prepay Smart" with Vodafone and my top-up expires one year from top-up if not used. But of course it gets used up long before that. Hope this helps.

geek_pato1, Jan 20, 8:53 am

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