Macbook Pro vs Air

katetd, Mar 18, 7:18am
Hi everyone,
Thinking of getting a Macbook to replace my current Acer laptop towards the end of this year, and just had a few questions:
1. As I am a student, would either the pro or the air be better suited to me? I have concerns about long periods of typing on the Air, although the portability would be great, and would I regret not getting a retina screen?
2. Are there likely to be any big developments I should wait for? (Not particularly keen on the whole one-port thing on the new macbook though)
I am not 100% set on a macbook, although from everything I have read and my personal experience, I would be keen to try one out especially in terms of their battery life.
Thanks in advance for any advice!

vtecintegra, Mar 18, 7:30am
The keyboard is exactly the same on the Air and the Retina Pro. The old model Pro has a better keyboard but the rest of the system is really out of date so its not worth it.

As for Air vs Pro you need to balance the lighter weight and extra battery life of the Air against the much better screen and more powerful GPU in the Pro.

ryanm2, Mar 18, 8:17am
If you are not sure want you want why not try this

Otherwise I would get an Air.

vtecintegra, Mar 18, 8:20am
Not convinced those Core M CPUs are a good idea - they're really, really weak.

As for the Air vs Pro IMO the a screen is so much better on the Pro that I could buy an Air

suicidemonkey, Mar 18, 8:43am
I think for the minimal price difference, the 13" Pro is well worth the extra cost. It's physically slightly smaller (and even thinner at it's thinnest point than the Air at it's thickest). And the weight difference isn't significant.

Battery life is 7-8 hours, and the CPU is powerful enough for most tasks (I've even edited a TV commercial on mine).

I've tried to use the Air after owning my Pro for a while, and I just can't deal with the display. It looks terrible after getting used to the high res display on the Pro.

gibler, Mar 18, 8:57am

katetd, Mar 19, 1:36am
Great, thanks everyone for the advice!

tillsbury, May 8, 11:25am
I'd suggest hanging on until April 10th and check out the new MB. Then you can compare screens and see whether you can stand the non-retina displays.

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