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I'm wanting to set-up an online business and am after any advice on which is the best (affordable but provides everything I need) provider for web hosting, self-build websites, selling online, security, etc.

I've got a couple in mind and have approached Spark, but am interested to hear any feedback at all prior to committing to a provider

geek_armoured, May 21, 8:14 am

There are a few out there now. Found a good read here

I would tend to differ from the article (I think Squarespace is better) because of the importance of a mobile optimised site.

geek_kieran211, May 21, 9:39 am

Most will be mobile optimaised these days. But I would avoid website builders as you never own the website, and if they ever cease trading, or make major changes, you could lose your website, as it is only rented.

geek_mattnzw, May 22, 10:40 pm

I like Wix - easy drag and drop builder that can create very pro looking websites.

And I wouldn't worry about it being "rented". The company is worth over $100 million. They're not going anywhere any time soon.

geek_mazdasix, May 22, 10:43 pm

Plenty of large corporates have collapsed catastrophically

geek_king1, May 22, 11:04 pm

Hrmm yeah agreed, not using a service for fear of it going out of business is a tad silly. By that logic, we should shy away from Google, Dropbox, Facebook, and all other services that we rely on.

geek_suicidemonkey, May 22, 11:40 pm

Check out warehouse stationery website under service solutions. Came across it recently when looking for other info on their site and was quite surprised.

geek_nzmu, May 23, 7:33 am

Webdrive - NZ based and owned, their sister companies are Openhost (probably the more affordable option), Webbase, Domains4Less etc.

geek_lythande1, May 23, 7:45 am

I use site5 (I have a hosting account). If you want I can set up access for you to check it out?

geek_ilottl, Oct 27, 4:26 am

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