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HP compaq windows vista has crashed and im being prompted for network settings from the blue screen backup & recovery manager. I have option of obtaining ip address automatically (which ive tried to no avail) so now need ip address, subnet mask, default gateway then preferred dns server and alternate dns server.
These are all 9 digit numbers in increments of 3.
I rang hp fri and they swore they'd get back to me before weekend.
Do I have to get info from them or is there any other way please?

geek_mssteptoe, Aug 10, 6:31 am

If your modem/router was supplied by your ISP, ask them what default gateway address they use. Then you can set your IP address with a similar number, just change the last of the set of 4 numbers. Subnet mask is usually but ask them that too. For DNS, just use either the Google or OpenDNS numbers.

geek_r.g.nixon, Aug 10, 8:44 am

in device manager uninstall the network adapter then reinstall

After that in a command prompt run 'netsh winsock reset'

Those two will sort out 90% of network connection problems

geek_king1, Aug 10, 10:28 am

yep except when i turn it on I cant get past the blue page with the F10 F9 F12 F11 & F8 options then go into HP Backup & recovery manager. Just rang 'Spark' & there's an hour wait! Then I'll get some side winder in the Phillipines who will tell me to ring HP coz its not their problem. Thats from ringing the 0800 broadband number.

geek_mssteptoe, Aug 10, 12:17 pm

isn't there a skip or not now link on that network setup page? If so, just skip and deal with it after the re-install has finished.

geek_d.snell, Aug 10, 12:32 pm

that area must be to restore from a network backup hence the need for Ip address etc or network booting maybe with PXE.

Either way I suspect not what you want. Try tapping F8 on startup which should take you into the startup menu where you can select safe mode

geek_king1, Mar 5, 4:26 pm

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