Windows Update stuck :-(

toy_turbo, Feb 11, 7:33am
Heya, I have a fairly new laptop which is trying to update but been stuck on update 3 of 15 for three hours. I decided to restart it. Except I can't. Tried holding the power button down for thirty seconds even and it won't turn off. Battery pack is internal so can't pull it.
Very upset as it's only about three weeks old and I need it to work! :-/ Help please!

mazdasix, Feb 11, 7:36am
Pull out the power plug and let it run flat?

toy_turbo, Feb 11, 7:39am
Yeah a friend suggested that, but that will take ages :-/ I have unpluggedit though. I wonder if it's because I forgot about it and let it go to sleep while it was updating?

sophie98, Feb 11, 7:54am
Unplug and take the battery out. Leave for a couple of minutes and put battery back in.

toy_turbo, Feb 11, 8:00am
I can't take the battery out :-/

d.snell, Feb 11, 8:01am
so it woke up then? It'll be some 3rd party program that you installed onto the laptop that is causing the update problem. You need to turn it off and are probably doing that when you hold the power button down for more than 4 secs, Problem is, when it restarts, it will continue updating, which is what it appears is happening.
What brand and model is it?

ntalke, Feb 11, 9:02am
Microsoft Patch Tuesday has been having problems with KB 3001652
See if this is the problem

They have supposedly pulled it

toy_turbo, Feb 11, 5:43pm
Hey guys, it's a Toshiba P50 B00G I think. It went flat overnight but when I turned it back on this morning it went back to the 'installing update 3 of 15' ! What do I do? :-(

toy_turbo, Feb 11, 5:51pm
I've tried to Google it but all it tells me is how to restore to factory settings which I DON'T want to do :-(

cookee_nz, Feb 11, 6:01pm
Google booting to safe mode and try system restore to a day or two before the update. Full restore may be better option, why the reluctance?, you will have a backup of your data ?

toy_turbo, Feb 11, 6:11pm
Well maybe lol. But its such a hassle!

king1, Feb 11, 7:29pm
it will have just hibernated when the battery went flat, then picked up where it left off when you put the power on again - so no change.

after 15 hours it isn't going to finish. I've had a couple of these with the latest updates.

push and hold the power button to kill it, then turn on and let it sort itself out (keeping fingers and toes crossed)

d.snell, Feb 11, 9:55pm
Just sorted out 1 of these, win 7 though. Booted into safe mode and let windows finish updates, the KB3001652 won't continue to install in safe mode. Reboot and Start Windows Update manually. Re-check for updates and KB3001652 appears on list. Select and untick it. Right Click and select hide update, Force windows to update and reboot etc.

mojo49, Feb 12, 1:53am
Had two laptops crash doing Win7 updates yesterday. Got 1 back using system restore and then letting it redo the updates. Seems okay now. The other is still down. It insists on asking for Admin User - Password. The user has not written down the Admin name, just the Password. That could be tricky. Usually used in Guest account mode. Will try following d.snell approach when back in front of it. Too complex for the actual user.

toy_turbo, Feb 12, 3:22am
Well we finally managed to restart it, and when it came back on it said working on updates. . 100% then carried in as though nothing had happened! Sorted itself out like the poster above suggested! :-D

boots0016, Aug 20, 3:29pm
Done the same here with two clients today.

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