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flewy, Jul 9, 7:32am
Home Email Server?? running a website from home have a custom domain name and i am using zoneedit for the nameservers, I would love to run my own mail server as well, whats out there and is good to use??

woogmo, Jul 9, 7:33am
Dude just study up and write your own. Then you'll know exactly how it works

flewy, Jul 9, 7:36am
Lol, geez cant i just start with something and learn from there, im a kinetic learner

shrapz, Jul 9, 7:42am
Flewy are you stupid or something? Its easy as.. Nah i have no idea aye .. lol

flewy, Jul 9, 7:44am
Pffft and you sold that bloody motherboard and cpu i was bout to ask for LOL

spj2, Jul 9, 8:01am
I wouldn't try flewy, if you don't know where to start, then (in the nicest way possible) I wouldn't bother. It isn't an easy process, trust me.

flewy, Jul 9, 8:21am

pyro_sniper2002, Jul 9, 8:30am
I dont really see the point unless you have a use for exchange etc, if so then buy a second hand SBS box.

shrapz, Jul 9, 8:30am
Lol should have asked , would have sold it to ya on mates rates

flewy, Jul 9, 8:31am
Actaully was very keen, I got a duron 1000 here running my server, was keen to grab your for the upgrade. LOL Oh well

flewy, Jul 9, 8:31am
Then how do i use my custom email address without mail forward?

pyro_sniper2002, Jul 9, 8:33am
Can zoneedit not pop your mail? Do one for say flewy@and then a catch all or whatever?

vtecintegra, Jul 9, 8:35am
Spam is such a pain in the arse these days you're better off letting someone else deal with it.

flewy, Jul 9, 8:36am
Hmmm , and then just set an account in thunderbird,,, i was thinking i needed the mail server to catch it?

r.g.nixon, Jul 9, 8:39am
Mercury mail server from NZ's own David Harris.

seriouslycgi, Jul 9, 8:46am
Damn it flewy LINUX!!!!!!! use debian and sear4ch google everytime you want to run a different type of server.

flewy, Jul 9, 8:49am

flewy, Jul 9, 8:49am
LOL I may yet

seriouslycgi, Jul 9, 8:52am
But yeah like mentioned before its probably easier to let someone else run the spam assassin for you. its easy to set up (not that i have one running but i have in the past) and you set it up with your domain registration and aim it at your server. run clamav for antivirus.

flewy, Jul 9, 8:58am
You have to pay for it thru the registra. not in to that, im on a freebie mish.

seriouslycgi, Jul 9, 8:59am
Seriously man when you install debian it asks what servers you want, in your case basically just check all of them, have a spare machine nearby you can go online and find out what settings you need to put in for mail server, if not do a basic install and do each one by howto(tutorial) i usually install something and have it going by the next day with linux if im following a howto.

flewy, Jul 9, 9:01am
Your worse than the Iphone fanboys LOL Just kidding. I want to use XP makes a tougher challenge.

seriouslycgi, Jul 9, 10:16am
Go to tmtech and look for the newest post in net/internet. you like free i like free too, be quick.

seriouslycgi, Jul 9, 10:21am
Im doing what your doing what your doing too but mines offline for the moment cos the kids stole my only crossover cable lol

flewy, Jul 9, 10:32am
I dont see any free email server suggestions thats what im after

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