"Unfortunately, Chrome has stopped"

kaiser2, Mar 20, 8:55am
I subscribe to an on-line newspaper and I was reading it happily, page by page, yesterday, on my Samsung tabPro 8.4, when suddenly it stopped downloading pages. The message comes up "Unfortunately, Chrome has stopped". But Chrome seems to work fine for other searches, it seems to be just the newspaper site that is affected. The newspaper site works just fine when I use my laptop so something has changed on my tablet. Any ideas on how to rectify matters please?

drsr, Mar 20, 9:05am
Probably the site changed something, or loaded some particularly bad advertising code, that triggered a bug in Chrome on Android. Try it in Firefox (download it from Google Play) and see if it works.

kaiser2, May 4, 3:21am
Thanks drsr, I did as you suggested and I can download the paper now. And I incidentally found that using Chrome it is only page 1 of the paper that won't download, the other pages download just fine!

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