Are you a printer tinker?

wombatunder, Apr 23, 4:36am
I'm decommissioning my beloved HP Business Inkjet 1200N network printer because it needs a repair to the paper feed that I can't figure out myself. If you want it and can pick up from Waiuku, it's yours.

This is a duplex printer, built in 2005, which I bought new in 2006. Until I installed Win7 on the network, it worked like a dream on both XP and Linux. There's no Win7 driver for it - the abominable Win7/HP Universal driver "sort of works", so I've been running it off an old XP laptop servicing both the Win7 and Linux boxes. (The Linux driver still works as well as ever.) It has two paper trays and there's a collection of expired ink cartridges for it.

If you'd like to have it, please indicate here and I'll list it for 5c Buy Now.

rz_zone, Apr 23, 5:17am

wombatunder, Jan 21, 9:54pm
Yep, thanks, I know about Just wanted to offer it here first.

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