Cable help please

formal1, Mar 27, 9:46pm
Next week I am having the password changed on my router and need a blue cable to go from my modem to my laptop while this is being done. In the past I have borrowed a cable but this is no longer an option so could someone please tell me exactly what I need to buy. I looked in Noel Lemmings and the one they wanted to sell me was $40 so is there anyone on Trademe that sells what I need at a reasonable price please.

r.g.nixon, Mar 27, 9:48pm
I don't see why you would need a cable. but you are looking for a CAT5, CAT5E or CAT6 cable. These will have a RJ45 plug on each end.

formal1, Mar 27, 9:55pm
Thank you. I will look for one on trademe. I was told I would need one for it to be done as the router and modem are separate items and I would assume that the laptop has to be connected to the modem to work? so that the password can be changed?.

r.g.nixon, Mar 27, 9:57pm
Most ISPs supply one with the router/modem. Look in the box it arrived in.

formal1, Mar 27, 10:04pm
The modem is over 5 years old and was installed by Vodafone and the router was installed last year by a computer tech off trademe when my old one died so no boxes. So am I able to use the existing blue cable that goes from the modem to the router now--meaning remove it from the router and plug into the laptop ( its only a short cable but doable )?. Sorry hope that makes sense. Just wondering as i was asked to have a blue cable for it to be done.I know next to nothing about that side of computers.

vtecintegra, Mar 27, 10:18pm
Is the a Vodafone cable setup with a separate Motorola modem?

If so you will need to enter the static IP directly into the laptop if you want to connect that straight onto the modem.

Anyway what do you mean by 'getting your password changed'? Is someone going to cone round to do it? If so they should bring an Ethernet cable.

namtak, Mar 27, 10:37pm
If you only need one briefly wouldn't your techie have one?

formal1, Mar 27, 10:38pm
Yes, someone is coming round to do it and has asked me to have the cable. He is travelling down here to attend something and doing this for me. so it is an Ethernet cable I am needing? is there anyone on trademe that sells them?.

formal1, Mar 27, 10:44pm
Yes I suppose I could ask my techie to bring one but would prefer to have one here for him to use as when my last router died I had to have the cable to plug into my laptop to be able to use it till I could get the new router. So if I ever had that problem again I would have it hear. I may have to pester my son in law to hunt his one out that I used last time--he can't find it! .

formal1, Mar 28, 12:56am
Thank you very much lostdude. That's just what I needed.

lythande1, Mar 28, 1:30am
What? DIY!
PLug in cable, get IP address.
(open a command prompt and type ipconfig)
The gateway IP is the numbers you type into the browser.
There you are you are now in the modems control panel.
Change the password.

formal1, Mar 28, 4:40am
The computer tech is coming to do other things on my computer as well and I won't change the password myself as I am not computer savy ( in other words would sooner get someone who knows what they are doing to do it ). Anyway I have found the info I need so will proceed with that. thanks for all your help.

king1, Mar 28, 4:54am
honestly - any computer tech that does not have at least half a dozen Ethernet cables at his/her disposal really should not be calling themselves a computer tech.

spyware, Mar 28, 5:34am
Cable modems don't have DHCP servers.

formal1, Mar 28, 6:44am
The guy doing it for me is assuming that I will have one as I did when he last came --its just that we can't find it ( well at least our son in law can't ). I didn't want to bother him with it as he is coming down here for other important things and has kindly fitted me into his very busy schedule to do computer work for me before he goes home and he is excellent at his work.

woagan, Mar 28, 7:11am
Is this techie a friend or close relative of yours that you trust implicitly?

Security wise and good practice you should at least demand that you enter the new password yourself when the password change screen appears.
A professional techie should look away at that point ( to keep your new password for your eyes only).

formal1, Mar 28, 7:25am
No, he is not a relative or friend. He is someone I rely on to help with my computer and I trust him implicitly. Unfortunately he moved from this area but can still work on my computer remotely when I give permission. Will take on board your comments.

d.snell, Mar 28, 11:08am
Is he the same tech that replaced the router that died? If he is, tell him to go away, It's despicable that "a tech" would replace only the router when for a very similar price, they could supply a combined Modem/Wireless Router that would do a far better job than the dual setup.

vtecintegra, Mar 28, 10:56pm
Nope - you don't understand how the vodafone cable network works.

king1, Mar 29, 12:01am
We don't actually know that it is the cable network though.

vtecintegra, Mar 29, 12:10am
It's bad to make the assumption that it isn't like post #19 does, especially when using that sort of language

formal1, Apr 11, 5:31am
Thank you for all those that helped. I now have the cable I need as I did a trade yesterday and picked up so all good there. I find it very sad that comments like #19 need to be made as they are basing their opinion with no facts and I am not going to explain all the ins and outs of the situation to someone so rude. All I asked for was help getting a cable and I got that thanks.

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